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Photovoltaic power plants

To build a photovoltaic plant is necessary parvonachalno correct and accurate planning. It depends on the maximum yield of the system. Photon Energy has a team of highly qualified engineers who have passed additional training in the leading company for photovoltaic structures SCHLETTER SOLAR GERMANY. Participate in annual seminars to enhance the vocational qualifications. Have certificates of practical work in full capacity by the Bulgarian Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design.

Photon Energy develops complete projects for all types of photovoltaic applications that run without commitment to delivery:

  • feasibility studies - development of systems based on the individual needs of the client, statistics and analysis;
  • evaluation of locations and buildings for PV applications;
  • conducting simulations yield of photovoltaic power plants and photovoltaic stand-alone and hybrid systems;
  • Analyses of shading;
  • calculations of electrical and thermal behavior of the photovoltaic modules of different technologies;
  • solar energy audit - a report on the assessment of availability and estimated potential resource for energy production from renewable sources, which shows the environmental and economic feasibility of a facility;
  • Preliminary design - shaping, developing and outlining the investment intention for it to be accepted and appreciated by the funders. The conceptual design is the basis for the next stages of the design;

making executive drawings and projects ready to coordinate with the departments and distribution companies. Work projects presented in detail all the technological features that should be taken into account when building a solar installation.